Path of Law


The beginning

“Path of law” NGO was founded on January 22, 2019. The NGO’s mission is to protect human rights and record and any violations, promote the development of legal culture, conduct monitoring and research in the field of human rights and judiciary, contribute to the development and implementation of substantive and factual public policy, eliminate obstacles to the exercise of fundamental rights of persons residing in the Artsakh Republic, implement the international commitments and obligations in the fight against corruption.

The principles of the “Path of Law” NGO have brought together professional and principled specialists, who have legal way of responding to violations of the law, thereby creating a solid foundation for the development of the rule of law.

The co-founders of the organization are Siranush Sahakyan and Ruben Melikyan. The president of the “Path of Law” NGO is Ruben Melikyan.