Path of Law


The “Path of Law” NGO has won in a case of violation of labor rights

Citizen A.M. had applied to “Path of Law” NGO on the fact of violation of his labor rights, asking to represent his interests in the court. The organization’s lawyer Davit Avagyan filed a lawsuit in the Court of General Jurisdiction of the city of Yerevan, demanding to invalidate Order No. 37-09 / 19-A, dated 30.09.2019, of the director of the “Public Relations and Information Center” state non-commercial organization of the RA Prime Minister’s Office (“the SNCO”), to restore Citizen A.M. to his previous job and to confiscation the average salary for the whole period of enforced idleness.

On 24 July 2020, the court upheld the lawsuit, declaring Order No. 37-09 / 19-A invalid. The court also decided to confiscate in favor of the plaintiff compensation in the amount of the average salary from the SNCO for the entire period of enforced idleness, that is, from 01.10.2019 until the verdict enters into force, as well as compensation for non-reinstatement of the employee in the amount of five times the average salary.