Path of Law


A Report on crime: The unlawful deprivation of liberty of the staff of the RA Judicial Department

After having studied the video released on 20 May, 2019, on the official website of, “Path of Law” NGO reported on crime committed by several citizens who had illegally deprived employees of the RA Judicial Department of their liberty by blocking the entrances and exits of courts.

The video clearly portrays that during the entire incident, which lasted for about an hour, the employees right to move freely has been restricted against their own will.

We strongly believe that this matter contains elements of crime prescribed by Article 133(2) and Article 133(6) (unlawful deprivation of liberty) and Article 322 (1) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia.

We urge the law enforcement bodies to initiate a criminal case, as required by law, identify all those who committed the crime and ensure their criminal liability.