Path of Law


Path of Law calls for an effective investigation of a torture case

On 22 November 2019, a video demonstrating the use of torture by RA police officers, who were trying to extort testimony from an Armenian citizen, was leaked to the press. In the video, 3 police officers were slapping, cursing and throwing the citizen to the floor, making him give testimony. Then the officers putted a gas mask on the victim, tied his legs together and started to whip the soles of his feet with what looked like a wooden club.

Right after the video was leaked, Mr Arman Tatoyan, the incumbent Human Rights Defender, came forth with an announcement, stating that a criminal case should immediately be launched. He also highlighted that all investigative actions should be conducted exclusively in the scopes of criminal proceedings, as provided for in the RA Code of Criminal Procedure. An officially-signed letter was sent to the criminal prosecution body with a respective demand the following day.

The RA Special Investigation Service has launched a criminal proceeding under Article 309(2) of the RA Criminal Code (violence, exceeding official authorities committed with weapons or special measures).

The Path of Law NGO is seized of the matter to ensure effective investigation of this case.