Path of Law


Joint statement by «Path of Law» and «Legal Education and Control» NGO

“Path of Law” NGO is joining the statement by “Legal Education and Control” NGO of 29 June 2019, on the draft Law of RA on “Confiscation of property of illegal origin”. In addition to the points raised in the statement, we highlight the following:

  1. A draft law establishing intensive mechanisms of interference with fundamental human rights should have been debated at early stages of drafting the concept of the law, in order to allow civil society organizations to present to the public their concerns and suggestions. However, the civil society has not been given such an opportunity. Yet, the Ministryproceedinsg with a draft prepared through non-transparent and non-participatory processes.
  2. The conceptual approaches underlying this draft law should also be widely discussed from the perspectives of the structures and constraints enshrined in the Constitution. Non-published international expert opinions are not a reliable source to assess the compliance of the draft law with national constitutional standards established over the years in the Republic of Armenia.