Path of Law


“#Consequence” initiative

Recently, state policies in Armenia widely includes tools that openly infringe the law and human rights. This destructive tendency does not, unfortunately, show any signs of softening over time, hence we betake actively responding to it with legal remedies.

Based on the foregoing considerations, “Path of Law” NGO is launching the #consequence initiative aimed at:

            1. Documenting and publicizing manifestations of human rights violations that are still unknown to the public.

            2. Providing legal qualification of violations of fundamental human rights.

            3. Reporting to law enforcement officials who substitute law for “political expediency” by committing gross violations of human rights.

            4. Systematically presenting the real situation of human rights in Armenia to international bodies.

In  the framework of the “Consequence” initiative we closely cooperate with individuals and their lawyers, by providing legal advice and supporting human rights cases.