Path of Law



This morning, one of the members of the ruling party of the National Assembly of RA publicly announced worrisome information that the judge hearing the case of  high publicity is being “pressured”, while, in response to that, initiating a rally in front of the court building.

Making such a responsible statement by a person holding such a responsible political position is a complete basis to initiate a criminal case under Article 332 of the Criminal Code (“obstruction of implementation of justice and investigation”) in order to find out what pressures, according to the deputy, have been made to the judge, from where he got such information, and who is the oppressor. If the criminal investigation confirms the fact of pressure, it must be further ascertained whether the judge had fulfilled the obligations stated in Article 69.1.9 of the Judicial Code, which is to inform the High Judicial Council of an interference with the judge’s activities.

At the same time, if the claim made by the member of the ruling political party is not confirmed, it will be necessary to prosecute the MP for his action based on the same article of the Criminal Code.