Path of Law


Legal assistance to citizens who have been illegally fined

On 1 June 2020, “Path of Law” NGO issued an announcement regarding the illogical requirement to wear a mask while traveling with family members in a vehicle (Decision No. 92 of the RA Police) and expressed readiness to provide free legal aid to citizens fined for not wearing a mask in this situation. At the same time, the NGO reported that citizens who have been fined for not wearing a mask or wearing it inappropriately outdoors, but who have good reasons, can now apply for free legal aid, including appeals against administrative acts (fines).

The interests of most of the applicants were defended in the court by the lawyers of Path of Law NGO.

During this period, 121 lawsuits were submitted to the RA Administrative Court regarding the demand to annul the decisions of different departments of the RA Police, 51 of which were satisfied, 13 were suspended, 19 were dismissed. The rest of the cases have been accepted and are in progress. Apart from this, 3 applications were submitted to the RA Chief of Police with the same demand, which were satisfied in order of administrative review by a superior body.

Legal advice was provided to about 250 citizens.