Path of Law


Siranush Sahakyan, co-founder of Path of Law NGO, actively participates in protecting the rights of Armenian captives in Azerbaijan

Siranush Sahakyan, human rights activist and co-founder of Path of Law NGO, has taken an active part in defending the rights of Armenian captives violated during the war unleashed by Azerbaijan and presenting their interests in the European Court of Human Rights.

Together with the RA Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan, a fact-finding mission was carried out, aimed at proving the cruelty of Azerbaijani armed forces, the torture and inhuman treatment of Armenian prisoners, as well as the existence of obvious features of war crimes motivated by ethnic hatred.

A new special report was prepared by Siranush Sahakyan, stating that the results of the interrogations of the Armenian captives in Azerbaijan can neither be a basis for criminal prosecution, nor evidence in international, including judicial instances.

The report refers to the attitude towards Armenian captives in Azerbaijan, both servicemen and civilians.

The report places particular emphasis on their interrogation in Azerbaijan, concluding that the information provided by the Armenian captives cannot serve as a basis for criminal prosecution against them, nor can it have any probative value in international organizations.

The special report, signed by the RA Human Rights Defender, was sent to international organizations, including the European Court of Human Rights.

The Human Rights Defender thanked human rights activist Siranush Sahakyan for her co-operation and valuable support in compiling the report and analyzing the evidence.