Path of Law


Announcement about the launch of “Path of Law” NGO

A reliable, strong, modern  and efficient civil society is one of the fundamentals of  any democratic state. The Armenian civil society, passing a thirty-year path of development and consistence, making significant success, is currently at a transitional stage. As a result of the political events in 2018, many well-known civil society representatives have considered using their potential and experience in the political and state system. A gap in the civil field has occurred, which, of course, cannot have a positive impact on the ongoing processes in a democratic society.

Having been active for around a decade and a half in various public fields, we have gained considerable experience and knowledge in the vital fields of public policy, while taking part in the processes of strengthening our statehood.

Based on the overall assessment of this situation, establishing the “Path of Law” NGO, we have decided to combine our professional and public potential to contribute to the effective overcoming of new challenges through partnerships with political authorities and public institutions, as well as public oversight of their activities.

In our work we are going to be principled and consistent, cooperative and creative. We believe in the possibility of reconciling human rights and national values, ​and in a strong and reliable civil society’s perspectives based on the real needs and priorities of the public.